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    Show off your War Thunder best stats!

    Anyone with 23 kills and 0 deaths ...Not allowed to post lol
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    Mom...What did i tell you about stealing that Rhubarb?

    Crazy Lady Stealing Rhubarb - A Video on
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    WW2 FPS games

    I have Waw man but i only like the zombies in it lol Its alot better when you add different maps and mods
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    Generallee & Outlaw

    I also made a video
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    Grand Theft Auto 5 Official Gameplay

    thanks striffy
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    Computer died

    Aint nobody got time for dat
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    Dammit Outlaw

    yea i used to bump that song. Check this one out
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    Dammit Outlaw

    Outlaw linked this video the other day and now i cant get this song out of my head
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    Battlefield Friends Videos

    I dont like your story telling:) lol
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    Muzak thred. All genres welcome!

    GWAR - "Let Us Slay" Metal Blade Records - YouTube
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    Quadrotor Equipped For Destruction

    That crazy russian Again
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    Current Free Game List

    APB would be a good one