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    What everybody drive?

    I can not resist here! You all wouldn't care about the car I drive, but I am sure you might like my favorite ride! 96 XL 1200C Custom. I call her Lizbyth, she is all Screammin Eagle Intake/AirCleaner - Jets - Stage1 Cams - Headers and SlipOns "Heart Pounding" and Load as Hell...
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    Battlefield 4 Beta likes + dislikes

    Brutally laggy for me. I really hope they optimize a lot before release. Here I go again 2 years into BF3 and I will be doing more PC upgrades to play BF4, Im sure EA thinks its funny the amount of money spent to game. I wasn't going to play cause I am not finished with BF3, but watch-in vids on...
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    Battlefield 4 Community GiveAway

    Well with a 6 to 8 hundred dollar bill to play BF4 I figure I better throw my name in the pot to see if I cant minimize the coast to play...
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    EA TOS For BF3 Server Admins

    Alien was very upset to have a player send a tank round that killed him in a transport lifting off the deck of the aircraft-carrier, name not mentioned. As it took 20 minutes to calm him down. The part that is funny to me is multiple shots fired and a multi-kill in one direction gets nothing a...
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    Server update Sept. 20th to fix gunship

    When I read the title I thought the same thing Stiffy. Reading the changelog they have decreased AA and stationary cannons AGAINST the gun ship by 30% Less damage. Jet cannon damage has been reduced by 50% versus the gunship. Both making it harder to kill the gun ship. Now the respawn time is...
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    Premium Players

    Premium Purchase: Save 10Bucks... Nope! Buy all Update/Map Packs in one Purchase... Nope! Play two weeks early... Nope! *still had to wait days to play maps* A sweet new Knife Skin... Nope! New Carbon-fiber, Assignments for Dogtags and Platoon Customization... Nope! CQ playing STRATEGY...
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    Needed Affiliate info update for FX, Sec-8?

    I don’t get it. I know I am just a Lizard but am I at FX? Sec8? Has there been a mutiny. I know I am on the 3g but man am I going to get a text here right after I say the wrong thing? Its one thing to turn the ship in the night and port it. Then throw down the uniform and walk away... but...
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    Building new BF3 Rig. Help me out.

    So I have a question, sorry to double post.... hehe 9800 GTX+ 512MB PCIe or should run the onboard with more system ram...? NVIDIA GeForce 6150 GPU, On Board Graphic Max. Memory Share Up to 512MB (Under OS By Turbo Cache)
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    Building new BF3 Rig. Help me out.

    I wanted to spend 1200$ on a PC to play BF3 as always had to compromise. I invested 54$ at geeks and I can sorta play the game hehe... So If I kill you FEEL BAD about it... Graphics defaulted to low and it can get choppy fun... My Son and I Love playing... walk in bargan bin Purchase from...
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    Post your Origin/EA Master ID's

    smklizard ....."reporting for duty" Wasup! my FX Killaz!!! Im in...