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    Games Played

    What I usually play: Warzone League of Legends Games I have Played and would play again: Battlefield 3 World of Tanks World of Warships GTAV Microsoft flight simulator I will edit this if I can think of more.
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    When do you think the next update will come out?

    As you all know, we are getting very close to the public release of iOS 12. Apple announced late last week that the new iPhones will be unveiled on 9/12/2018 and iOS 12 will drop right after as usual. How many more Betas do you guys think there will be? I am betting on one more, there was no...
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    iOS 12 beta update notification bug

    It has gotten relentless since a few hours ago. Every time I unlock my phone!
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    iPhone X plus S clown

    I can't wait for it, so much screen :p
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    2018 iPhone lineup

    I’m so excited for the 6.5” iPhone this year, it will be the one I upgrade to. I currently have an iPhone 7 Plus.
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    iOS 12 Beta 11 is out!

    iOS 12 beta 11 is out!
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    World War 3

    This game reminds me a lot of battlefield 3, but seems like a lot of fun. I’ve been waiting another game similar to BF3 to come out.
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    How has beta 10 been for everyone?

    How has everyone’s experience been so far with beta 10? For me personally it’s been running very well, the best beta for my device so far.
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    Welcome Beta Testers!

    Hey there guys! Welcome to the iOS Beta Testers Unite forum! This is a great place to discuss all things relevant to the iOS Beta testing world. Things such as performance, smoothness, battery life, bugs, as well as many other topics! For now, this is a temporary home (I hope) for this forum...
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    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas everyone
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    Back to the Future

    Dude that’s awesome!
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    New Wallpapers

    Nice wallpapers!