Can anyone tell me what patches i need?

I have 1.0.1017  Its confusing as hell as to what i need.  I see 1.2 -2.0  5 or 6 patches but the version i have isnt listed. Is mine actually 1.7?  Or is it so long ago that its not listed and i need like 87 patches to catch up?
ive been getting the patches....they taking about an hour each. HItting one per night pretty much.

You fookers betters still be playing by the time i get these!
Talk about painful.  I finally (with Gus's help) got all the update.   Ver 1.7 WAS NOT in the Ultimate download on Fileplanet.   At least for me it was not .   All patches uploaded except 1.7 and the he came in and help me find 1.7   Now I need the zombie mod if someone would give me the site to download that.