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How does the gameplay work?

Every zombie begins with 3 "lives". Every time they are killed, they lose a life, but respawn on their corpse. Every time they kill, they gain a life. Once all lives are expended, they are fully dead. However, each wave, these fully dead zombies respawn (and are given a life). The goal is to prevent the zombies from spreading by having them all dead simultaneously. Zombies get harder or easier depending on how successful the survivors are coping, so the game is levelled to your ability to stay alive.

As a twist, after you have killed sufficient zombies, they form into the mighty Goliath - a 15-foot tall zombie made of 39 corpses. This serves to shake things up if you and the zombies are at an equilibrium (It kills you, the zombies then get scaled back, and you may just have a chance at winning as a result).

If there is a zombie massacring your team, it may pay off to be a martyr. Take one of the pills around the city (press Q, right-click spotted, and choose "interact"), and the next zombie to kill you will be knocked back to one life. The pills are limited, so you need to wait until the right moment to use this power. The pills are very useful against successful Gore zombies.


A certain amount of bold decision making is required, but it does pay to think before you act.

* It pays to know which type of zombie you're up against. If it's a one-arm zombie without a human shield, you can probably get away with a close-range shotgun blast to kill it. If it's virtually any other type of zombie, this will get you killed. Remember that they generally kill from close-range, so your best defence is distance. With Gore zombies, this isn't necessarily true, a couple of knife shots can often be the safest way (strafe as you knife to confuse it)

* The Type-85 kit has an LED Strobe Light, which is useful for seeing in the dark, so you might want to have a team-mate light up the way as you go through.

* If zombies are rushing your base after a new wave, it might just be the perfect time to sprint past and try to capture their spawn point. Zombies can quickly recapture the spawn point, but while they capture, they will not chase you... Just watch out for Gores and Snipers.

* If you're running low on ammo, don't wait until it's too late; pick up one of the weapons lying around the city and fend them off! Most of these kits offer unique advantages, such as a periscope, a 20mm Sniper Rifle, or a powerful Single-Action Revolver.

* Remember to use your brain. Just because something is there doesn't mean it's useful, for example, there is a camera... But what good could that possibly do?

What settings should I use?

For best results, set the bot number to 36, and the bot ratio to 90. The balancing is delicate, and it's set to work best on this. Of course, you can tinker it to your taste, a lower bot ratio will result in a faster game.

At this stage, the mod is separate from Death by Binary's Zombie Mod, but we have plans to merge further down the track.

Well, that's about it! There's a bit more info in the installer

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Operation Dead Dawn Beta 2 (for 32-bit OS)

Operation Dead Dawn Beta 2 (for 64-bit OS)