COD:WAW Base Assault Mod


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Sep 17, 2017
If anyone played the original Call of Duty then you would know what this mod is. They are making this mod into cod:waw looks great.

Updates & Info

- ponyri & ardennes are finished (beta)

- bas mod & gametype included into the 2 maps

- increased the max damage for all bases

- fixed a bug on the base healthbars

- added the "endless" timer from the anarchic uo bas

- fixed a bug on the base destroyed hud icons

- fixed the sound-radius for the main explosion

- disabled the stock "bomb-plant/defuse" announcer sounds

- fixed a bug with the global_intermission (for mapping)

- added additional "mantle" brushes to all bunker models

- added a full usable sherman tank for ardennes (thanks zeroy for your hard work!)

- fixed the sherman turret (verticalspan,hud icon,sound)

- added an own team & tank based "capture-tank" function

- modified the satchel behavior

- converted the winter bunker xmodels and "precache" them in the mod for the upcoming wintermaps

Next steps:

- if there no problems add the bas gametype/mod to the demonmod 4.0 (anarchic-x only)

- adjust the last settings and create a DEV server to test with more people

just a few dev screens:



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Sep 17, 2017
Bunker Models

- i converted high quality bunker xmodels from UO over to cod5 with normal & specular map textures

- i divided the versions of the UO bunkers into one summer & one winter version for our maps

- the summer version will be modified italy bunkers and the winter version will be foy bunker models

- we will have all 4 sub-versions of the model like in UO to use the different damage states for the bunkers

Radiant Prefabs

- the single bunker models are built into a complicated customized prefab to get all features we need like collision,damage or the bombzone

- i fixed several light problems on the bunker xmodels with some tool textures

Bunker Models Collmaps

- the 3 collmaps the models use are completely rebuilt for a much better collision on the models

- i added some better collmaps to some specific points of the model which doesnt exists in UO

- additional i added new ladder & mantle functions to the new collmaps

- i fixed a small weapon collision problem on the rubble xmodel by reconverting the model and new clip options

- i fixed a rubble collmap problem where the player was stuck in the rubble collmap


- the bombzone can be used like UO..every team player can plant/defuse the bomb in the usual way like sabotage or search & destroy


- the damage logic is a bit complicated to explain but you will have all well known features from UO

- the bunkers allow of course only team-based damage

- also only certain weapons are allowed to damage the bunker

Hud Icons

- you will have the same round icons like UO but we added custom icons which we want to replace with high quality icons later

- this round design will give us more options to include all additional icon features above the base icon

- the bombtimer is changed into a real clock timer which appears exactly above the base icon if a bomb is planted

- i also added back a new scripted way to flash the plant & defuse icons while the player is holding the "use" button

- i fixed a bug where the sub-icons only was showing for the all players can see whats going on with the bombs on the 3 bunkers

Final Player Damage

- i fixed a bug if the bomb has been planted and the bunker exploded it doesnt kill the players inside or above the bunkers

- now the player damage is perfectly adjusted on all damage states of the bunkers

Team Flags

- i added back the feature to have flags for the teams on the bunker roof which will disappear after the bunker is breached

Bomb Ticking & Explosion Sounds

- all explosion & bomb sounds and effects are custom

- fixed a small bug where the bomb ticking sound was not global(occlusion system)

UO Spawn Logic Feature

- the scripts are coded to use our custom bas spawns & global intermission...they work in the same way like other cod5 gametypes with "_start" and the usual spawns

- the UO BAS spawn logic was a really complicated feature to include..I couldnt use the UO way

- basically i want to have it so that some specific base spawn points can be removed after the base is destroyed

- with the help from Treyarch i could debug the coded custom "array" i created

- now we have removable spawns after one of the bases is destroyed

- the gametype script of this specific base will wait until this base is destroyed..remove the spawns and update the spawnlogic

- i pre-placed this kind of spawns in my prefabs

Announcer Feature

- this was a really complicated task because the announcers are team-based and you cant just play them with "playsound" in the script because i defined 2d global sounds in the soundaliases

- i found a good way to include them team-based on the scripts and we have now the original sounds from UO

- also i "precached" the sounds so that you will have russian sounds for russian and usa sounds for american..depends on which teams you set in your levels gsc file

- every sound of the announcers have 2 versions..the soundaliases will switch randomly between these 2 versions

- the sounds for the japanese are the german sounds now..we want to mod that later if we want to build us vs jap bas maps

- a small change on the german sounds..I used my version (german UO version) because they sounds much better

- to get the "under attack" sound for the teams was really complicated..i placed them now in the same way like the base health logic


- as you know we cant use just the stock minefields script...they would not kill players which are in a vehicle

- i added a custom script to the mod which kill players & drivers now

BAS Maps

We can proudly say that this Base Assault Gametype Mod is nearly finished and we already working on the first Anarchic-X BAS maps. Some of these Maps will be well known classics like:









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Sep 17, 2017
Updates & Fixes

•material update on all bunker xmodel normal & specular textures

•added new sherman skin for ardennes & farm(thx to Cornrow)

•fixed a bug with the team settings in the capture-tank function

•added a function for flashing base icons if the player attack the bunkers

•fixed a bug where the plant/defuse icon caused a script error if the planting/defusing was interrupted by the player with other buttons

•again an update on the vehicle collision at the bunker xmodels

•added new 2d base icons which will be team- & map-based now(thx to kraut for his 2d work)

•added several new demonmod settings & features from our current ctf server mod

•prepared the public server for redirect & more slots(thx to logik & gitman)

Game Server IP to test mod