BF2:Zombie Mod


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The Death by Binary crew proudly present BF2 Zombie Mod

We have been modding BF2 and have made the second incarnation of BF2:Zombie Mod.

The mod is supremely single-player but may work well co-op. One highly modified original map Strike at Karkand is initially supported.

The idea is (once you have set it up correctly) to fight alongside a couple bots to hold off a horde of "Zombie" bots, and of course by hold off I mean kill them all. Basically a giant bloody slaughter.

Mod Development: Stealth, Gasolene

ZombieMod v0.1 Features:

-MEC team as Zombies, only equipped w/ knives. Very little health, very high numbers.

-USMC team as Humans, equipped with highly specialized weaponry.


-No Vehicles/Stationary/Commander Assets.

-Nearly Unlimited Ammo.

-Corpses Stay x10 longer.

-Fully Automatic Pistols.

-Weapons Include HK21 MG, FNP90 SMG, Type88 Sniper, M16a2 Full Auto, Saiga12 Shotgun, HK53a3 SMG, AK47 Select Fire

-and more.

ZombieMod v0.2 Additional Features:

-New Map Strike at Karkand Dusk

-"Zombie" Soldier Textures

-Flaming Zombies

-M82A1 Semi-Auto .50 Sniper Rifle

-Increased Draw Distance/No Fog

-No Nametags

-Many additional tweaks

Download Zombie Mod v0.2

To Install:


2.Run ZombieMod_0.2_Full.exe.

To Play ( Best Results ):

1.Go to Multiplayer -> Create Local

2.Set as Co-Op game -> add map Karkand16

3.Set Number of Bots at 32

4.Set Bot Ratio at 100

5.Go & Have Fun