Admin for BC2

Im gonna need one of you homos to help me out with this.  I took a look at some info about Guardian and it looks more stupid than BF2CC.  Stiffy Im gonna need to get the admin password and info from you next time your in vent.  Im wanting to get this downloaded so we can change up the map rotation or game type when needed.  Also we have had a couple of pole smokers in the server lately we thought might be hacking and we couldnt do anything about it.  Thanks for any help


Staff member
Sounds like a plan. The reason admin dont work is bc2guardian,bc2cc or procon has to be running 24/7. I dont like leaving my pc on all the time but I try to get it on when you guys are in sometimes im at work. The current maplist is switching between rush/conquest seems to be getting more attention then just rush. I would run the other gametypes but it knocks our server to a 16 and 8 man server for squad rush and squad dm. I will hit you up shortly.